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Payson, AZ (Gila)

Average Price for Condo/Townhouses

  • 1 Bedroom: $ 156,000
  • 2 Bedroom: $ 184,450
  • 4 Bedroom: $ 315,300

Average Price for Single Family Homes

  • 1 Bedroom: $ 112,450
  • 2 Bedroom: $ 235,651
  • 3 Bedroom: $ 450,553
  • 4 Bedroom: $ 697,765

State of Arizona


  • All Schools: 2185
  • Other/Alternative Schools: 79
  • Regular Schools: 1923
  • Special Education Schools: 11
  • Vocational Schools: 172

Market Summary

  • Median Home Value: $ 229,200
  • Median Property Taxes: $ 1,316

Sales for Single Family Homes, Condos and Co-Ops

  • % Change vs. Previous Year: -3.8%
  • Number of Sales (Q1 2010): 152,400

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